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Should changes be made in gigs regularly?

I have a query to ask.
Should changes be made to the gigs regularly, until there is no order on a new gig? Or should it be done once in a month ?
Will appreciate the answers.Thank you.


I change my gigs from time to time. Not more than once a month that’s for sure. I don’t change much, just some audios and images to keep it interesting. I also update my prices every time I reach a higher level.

like, what if we are forgot to add something while making the gig,and we edit it just to make that one particular change, would that count ?

yes, that’s a change. But I do that kind of changes all the time

Don't Update Your Gig Too Often! Must Read! hope this will help you.

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thanks a lot man. I hope this may help me. Thanks again

ok got it, thanks a lot. This has made something clear to me.

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I was checking that topic and I already seen many others about that. I don’t think things work like that. As we all know, the searches in the Fiverr dashboard change all the time. We can search with 5 min difference and see totally different gigs. Also, it’s different for everyone. Your gig may be in my first page and to other person it may be else where.
I had many sells at the beginning, than I stoped having so much so I updated my gig and yes, the sales went up. It may be because I made the right changes. I also changed one or two keywords because I know they are the right ones for me.

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Yes, that usually happens. I got orders when i changed tags and keywords from description, and than when i got orders i suddenly thought that i should change the title as well so i might get more orders. But than later i realized that the changing in gig title effects a lot, as it is related to the SEO purposes.


plz anybody can tell me if i create a same gig again then it shows on search ?
coz first gig does not appear on search

That’s because of not using the perfect keywords, Perfect URL/Title SEO optimized Description.