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Should completed audio orders be automatically added to my portfolio?

Hey there!

I’m a fairly new member and have started to get orders for my singing gig. The first one I did didn’t automatically upload the track I handed in onto my portfolio, the second one did (it comes up along with a quoted review from the buyer), but then the next two didn’t. The way I delivered the orders was the same for all of them as far as I can tell.

Does anybody know why it sometimes automatically uploads and sometimes doesn’t? Is it because the buyer has an option to allow their order to appear on my portfolio? …I don’t want to manually upload the file to my portfolio if the buyer has selected not to have it appear!

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Yes, that is exactly how it works! Read more here: Fiverr Help and Education Center


I see! That’s great - thank you so much for your help there and for the link :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the forum connie_rout

Yes, If you turn on the live portfolio, the buyer can turn it on or off when they complete your gig. Somehow if they request you to turn it off, you should contact Fiverr support with a screenshot.

Thank you - that’s really helpful :slight_smile: