Should "Download as Zip" option be added?


Because I work with graphic designs most of my clients send a lot of photos, logos and extra material that would help me a lot with their orders. It gets a lot messy to download them one by one and then organizing the files. I guess that probably most of you used dropbox and google drive and are familiar with the option to download all of the attachments as one zip file.

The same thing goes for buyers, especially when I need to send them a couple of designs, source files, and some other extra material. It would be a lot easier if they can download them as zip right away, without me needing to create a zip library.

I know that some of you might say that I should send files via Dropbox, but I tried that and some clients didn’t know how to download the files. :slight_smile:

What is your opinion on this one?


No option needed. Just zip your files in a compressed zip folder and and upload it to deliver work. Simple!


I highly recommend using dropbox for many reasons.

  1. It saves both you and the buyer time when updating content.

  2. When working, you can easily access all the files without downloading them.

  3. There are articles on how to create a share link or how to upload to Dropbox which you can provide your clients with.

Individual file downloading is a nightmare!


It’s simple, but I get a lot of modification request from people saying they couldn’t open the files from a zip.

@thecreativeguys - I agree with you, but in the case of disputes, I think that Fiverr doesn’t check dropbox links, as it’s recommended to use the fiverr’s uploading system if you want CS to review the case. I don’t know if it’s still the case.


If there is an issue support will help. I’m not sure what issues you can face when using a third party uploader. But don’t forget, I work on projects that take weeks so using Dropbox makes the process easier.


Tell them manually “How to Open zip file” in few simple steps.


Definitely, my services that 3-4 days, but sometimes I have a lot of extras to deliver.

Regarding the third party issues, I think that in case the buyer says the order wasn’t delivered Fiverr doesn’t go through the links from dropbox. I gotta check that one with customer support.

@designerz_edge - Sometimes it doesn’t help. However, I would like this feature to be added as some clients send more than 10 photos and different files.


Yes that would be great because I had faced the issu you are talking about :slight_smile: Using dropbox and compressing file maybe a bit hard for them


Dropbox is great idea but you can also use Wetrasnfer.