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Should Embroidery Digitizing be given a separate identity by giving it a separate sub category under graphic and design?

I was just surfing through fiverr, being a embroidery digitizer myself, and the idea popped up into my mind. Maybe because if the fact that most of the embroidery digitizing gigs can’t be found in any first pages whatsoever as they are occupied by millions of logo designers. This cause the embroidery digitizing gigs to be pushed to last.
Just saying, shouldn’t embroidery digitizing be a separate sub category? So that buyers as well as sellers can easily categorize their gigs.
Let me know what do you think about this.


your right i wish fiverr will add seprate category bcz when we make a gig we can select only graphic desgine so the buyer req we recevied only for grapic im new on fiver

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