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Should Fiverr be taking a % from TIPS?

What do you guys and gals think about this? Let your voice be heard.


If you type " fiverr taking 20% from tips" in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed topic.

The system could be open to abuse by buyers agreeing to pay a small amount for the gig and the rest as a tip so as to avoid the 20% fee.


I didn’t think about that. Good point. But they’ve never tried it…


How are you so sure about that? Are you just assuming?

In fact, several years ago, Fiverr didn’t have a % fee on tips.

Only after sellers started taking advantage of the system, as @lloydsolutions earlier mentioned, did Fiverr implement the 20% fee on tips, too.

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Thanks for educating me. I am still new to Fiverr. That reply was more of a question. I suppose this thread can be deleted.

yes they should.

Unfortunately, due some bad sellers behaviors, fiverr started to charge % on tips too. In the past, when they introduced tips feature, some sellers, for example, created a $5 order, and deal $100 in tips with their buyers, so they could get more, because fiverr wasn’t charging such percentage.

So now they have to do this, thanks to these sellers.

Anything you get on fiverr has 20% taken from it as it should be. We pay 20% of our income to fiverr for the use of their site.

Calling part of your income a “tip” doesn’t change that.

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