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Should Fiverr have a Discord?



I may be new to Fiverr, but I think a great way for us to stay connected would be Discord. Discord, like TeamSpeak, is a server based Desktop Application that allows users to chat via text or voice (soon even by video, like Skype or Google Hangouts). Not only that, unlike TeamSpeak, its free. I say, we already have a Sub-Reddit so why not a Discord?


  • If this were to become an actual Fiverr thing, 24hr customer service on Discord (both text and voice, or maybe even video)
  • Buyers and Sellers can chat more freely then on the forums (There would still be admins and mods, freely as in faster, more timely, and effectively)
  • Another place to advertise for us sellers and for buyers to see us and to respond to us


That’s for you to decide! :grin:

  • Fiverr Should Have a Discord.
  • Fiverr Should Not Have a Discord.

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Good way to advertise your gig - smooth! :wink:


Hey, what can I say. Fiverr can actually use some help here! :smiley: @offlinehelpers


Good stuff - I’ve moved it to ‘My Fiverr gigs’ for you - good luck! :smiley:


Thanks! :smiley: I will then add in the link then, should I delete my old post about this Gig?


No, you can happily leave it!


Alright, thank you! :smiley:


Like I could sell to Fiverr. Pfffff. lol. :smiley: I mean, I am an affiliate, so I guess that counts.


yes I’m using discord on Minecraft


It will be a very good idea but trust me, some buyers/sellers will misuse/abuse it.


You should take into consideration language barriers and people who try to work the system. We may both be able to speak English but the accents may hinder us from understanding each other… Also what will stop a seller from proposing being paid outside fiverr or the buyer giving out the personal email so they work things elsewhere?


@phantompower Your point is a good one. But are there not already language barriers here?
For people paying outside of Fiverr, I can definitely see that one happening. Maybe Fiverr can make it’s own desktop application for communication in the future. Or possibly affiliate itself with discord somehow so that it’s own discord, if it were to make one, were to have it’s own terms in place where the buyers and sellers were to stay and disclose information only there and in Fiverr related apps and websites.

@chathurangak I have my own discord for production purposes as well! :wink:

@gidiguy That’s what Admins, mods, and staff would be for.


As a hardcore Gamer, I know what DIscord is, but I don’t like the idea of having something like Discord on Fiverr! People here are professionals who seek work or need their job done, not being socialized by wasting time and communicating with each other!


@n4y33m Yeah, I get that the intent of Discord was originally made for gamer’s (which I am as well), but I see it as another platform like TeamSpeak that is more user friendly and is also free to set up. Thus, one that is there for at least teams to communicate. So maybe what Fiverr can do is outsource its own version of a Discord like application for its teams? To keep them in the loop instead of them using other things like Discord or TeamSpeak as well? Idk. Just a thought. Because communicating to get an understanding of what a team needs to accomplish together is key. Communicating to understand what a buyer wants is key. Communicating to understand what the seller is selling is key as well.


yes. I think so. I also think that Fiverr should increase the care about their seller.


Who knows, maybe the team already got one to communicate each other, but that isn’t public!

and, for us (the buyers and sellers) we already got the forum! :smile:


Yeah, how so on the seller part? @email_marketer0

@n4y33m I just think another way to advertise, communicate, get customer support, and so on would be helpful. haha :wink:


Do you really think, they have less care about us? Forget it! From my personal experience, they are the most helpful CS than other so called support, who takes forever to reply a message and describes nothing about the real problems.


HAHA, Yeah! That might be useful! The more way you get, the more whining you can listen. I’m ready to roll then… xD


I know. But from my little experience I can say that FIverr is more careful than seller.