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Should Fiverr Introduce an language test?

I am a seller and buyer on fiverr, And I have had a few issues on some purchases. It comes down to communication.

There are sellers on fiverr that have English as one of their spoken languages, but obviously only have a basic grasp of English. This makes it almost impossible to communicate what your needs are. What are peoples thoughts on having a basic language test for all languages. especially if you have a language on your profile that is not native to the country in your profile?

The trouble is, a lot of English-speaking natives would fail that test. All in all, it would be more of a hinder or deterrent to business than people actually communicating with each other before placing orders.

Even with perfect English, a seller and buyer will have other difficulties. It would also require another module, which has bugs and errors, requires customer support and maintenance.

In addition, people would find a way to cheat around it, as usual - reducing chances for legitimate sellers while doing nothing for the “cheaters, beaters and bottlefeeders” so to speak.

I know where you are coming from but if the job can be done by the seller or buyer without adding extra coding to Fiverr, I’m not for creating more code. Fiverr has enough bugs and the more unnecessary coding we add, the more chances things get messed up. In this case, a buyer or seller surely can tell if they can communicate well by messaging them. It takes a few messages and avoids unnecessary coding. Let the coders focus on things we need that we can’t handle ourselves.

I fully agree with everyone, its buggy enough… What is that saying

Buyer Beware…