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Should Fiverr take 20% commission on TIPS to sellers from a happy buyer?


It is a standard Fiverr policy to have the site commission of 20% on each deal between a buyer and seller. The policy is applied on the tips from a happy buyer to a seller as well. As a matter of principle TIPS aint part of the original deal and given for an extraordinary performance by a seller. In your opinion Fiverr should revise the policy of applying site commission on TIPS or otherwise? please comment

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I know the policy probably won’t ever change, but it does irk me to see 20% of tips go straight to Fiverr. But alas, I am still here selling and happy to do so.


This is an old topic of discussion, and it won’t change. The reason Fiverr takes 20% of all tips is because if they didn’t tips would become a loophole in their system. Any nefarious seller could require their buyers to leave tips so that they could bypass the standard 20% fee applied to all regular orders. This would become an issue of gaming the system, and a way for sellers to cheat Fiverr. We are all using Fiverr’s platform, and as such, we pay Fiverr $1 out of every $5 we make. That’s how it works. That’s how it will continue to work.


so am i but i wud prefer atleast not getting deducted on what is not part of the original deal


you have a point but they should find a way to stop this from happening rather than making deduction on tips. there is a way to handle any issue in the world