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Should fiverr take a fee from the buyers tip


I just received my first tip from buyer, which is great. And of course fiverr takes a fee from it.

Just wondering what the fiverr sellers out there think about this situation. It seems a bit unfair, since there is already a lot taken down from buyer and sellers on orders.

Oh wait, did the buyer also pay extra fee for the tip?

Hi there Naosbi.
I am new here to Fiverr, and I haven’t got an order yet.
I feel bad about knowing that Fiverr actually takes a fee from the Tip the Buyer gives directly to you.
The Tip should be only for the Seller, since it shows how good you made your job.
And besides the “Tip fee”, you also lose money with the 20% fiverr takes you from the Order.
In my opinion, the 20% fee should stay, since Fiverr is free and they have to support themselves somehow, but the “Tip Fee” should be removed since it is an absurd.
Many Regards.

Yes, they do.

This very topic was recently discussed in another post. Have a look :arrow_down: :slight_smile: