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Should gig be delivered only after feedback is left?

Hi guys, its my first purchase as a buyer.
I have accepted the delivery already, but have not received final images.
Seller has said once I mark as complete and give review she will give them. Is this correct?
Im not aware that I need to leave feedback in order to receive the files and I feel this is wrong.
Plus i’ve already marked as complete…

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No, it’s not correct. The seller is most likely trying to make sure you are leaving a positive 5-star review, or else (I’ve heard of sellers who delivered lower quality if they got lower reviews) - it’s similar to blackmailing.

Seller are obligated to deliver without requesting buyers to leave a review just to get their delivery. Any seller doing otherwise is breaking the Terms of Service and should be reported to Customer Support.


thank you! This was my thought, have just been going through TOS also.


You should also report that seller to Customer Support - there are already many who blackmail or extort in order to get perfect reviews, it has to end already because it’s ruining the marketplace :confused:

Some buyers don’t even know if the perfect reviews they see on some sellers are real or not anymore because of such behavior.


well I chose this person based on all 5 star reviews, mine will be far from 5 star, was nothing but problems, was supposed to be 3 day turn around im on day 12 and still waiting for files.
Will report once resolved for sure!


See? That’s exactly what I was referring to - due to that seller’s behavior, many (if not all) of those 5-star reviews could’ve been forced with the same tactic you’ve seen yourself :confused:


I just asked for the files and got a reply of “what files?”

then further response to wait an hour they will come later.

Thanks for your reply. I know where to go from here.


I’m sorry you had to go through this bad experience - this is exactly what I was afraid the seller will say :frowning:

Some sellers do this because they want to keep a short delivery time on their gigs to attract buyers, but use this tactic to complete the order without delivering on time and leaving you waiting for your delivery whenever they got the time and mood, since the review has been left and the order completed.

But with your help, and with the help of other buyers, we might have a chance at getting rid of bad apples :slight_smile:


The images can be watermarked, with the watermark removed once you accept the delivery and complete the order (that’s a feature that Fiverr added to protect sellers from theft, because there are buyers who download the files and then demand a cancellation and a refund). Could that be the case here?

(Just checking out to make sure there’s no confusion; other than that, of course you should get the files first, and then rate the work, it’s not possible to rate the quality of something you haven’t received).