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Should have an update>> mobile alert sevice


when buyer knock me I totally outside of online network. If you had the mobile alert service, I had not missed the work.
See, facebook have a mobile alert service. when my friends send me a message, It gives me a sms on my mobile phone. If the sms was important I come back online quickly.
So I hope you’ll update that things as soon as posible.

Thank you


Have you tried using the Fiverr app? It doesn’t send a text, but does alert you to messages, sales, etc. :slight_smile:


Yes. It should have a data connection to open.
but I told If you have any offline source to get notification or messages, I’ll very helpful


I’m presuming you’re not using a smartphone? Then I can see a text would be useful. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I’m a bit lost - if you can receive a text on a smartphone, why would you not be able to receive a notification on the app?


Yes that’s well thinking but you need to have internet connection to respond on that. So this feature is simply useless what I think :slight_smile: