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Should I accept or decline cancelation order

Had this new buyer who has been a wall to me. Delivered exactly what he wants but he keeps adding stuffs now he is requesting for a total cancelation. Should I accept or decline his cancelation offer am on my way to level1. If I decline will get a bad rating, if I accept that’s not good my profile someone advice me please

Try to explain as clearly as possible that you did the work according to spec. Push the client into threatening you with a bad review if you don’t cancel. Go to CS with screenshots and say he is blackmailing you into canceling with a bad review even though you delivered what was agreed to (against terms of service). NEVER MENTION REVIEW/FEEDBACK YOURSELF.

If that doesn’t work, a cancelation is always preferable to a bad review (unless the gig price is very high).


OK will that hurt my gig or my brand in fiver generally? I have dedicated a lot to this work! I even sent some including source files to Dropbox to him so am sure he has downloaded them already. Shouldn’t I decline the uncheck live portfolio?

A bad review is forever. A cancelation is irrelevant after 60 days. Try the method above first - if he is clearly trying to get work for free by canceling, there may be a chance. It’s a crapshoot though.


I’m sorry you’re struggling with this. A few tips for the future:

  • Unless you offer unlimited revisions (which can be a difficult choice because of exactly what you’ve written), don’t continue doing revisions after they’ve used the ones they’ve paid for. You can keep delivering with a short explanation. I recently included a template here.

  • Don’t entertain revisions that change the original scope of the order.

  • Deliver ONLY within the Fiverr platform, i.e. by the “Deliver now” button. Even if the Buyer has done something wrong, CS cannot help you if they can’t track what you’ve sent. They won’t be able to verify you’ve sent something on Dropbox, but if you send via “Deliver now,” you’ll be able to show them that 1) you delivered, 2) you delivered based on the Buyer’s specifications, and thus 3) the Buyer is attempting to manipulate you.

Good luck as you continue towards Level 1!

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Thanks Chloe. Fact is that I didn’t even offer revisions to him. And he keeps requesting for modification. Will use ur template thanks

Great advices. I would just add: try to understand how is order completion rate calculated and how it will impact you. If you go this way, maybe orders will actually stop for 60 days. It happened to me, and I was degraded from level 1 to level 0 for 60 days.

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So what will you do if you were me?

Try to reason with CS. try to argument everything with screenshots and ask them to cancel for you without impacting your order completion rate.

Read carefully the advices of the other two sellers here and try to figure out how to respond.

After that its up to you. If reasoning with CS doesn’t work you need either to take a bad rating or cancel. Nobody can help you here, its up to you to face this and let us know how it will end.

if order value is high, I would say take bad reviews and keep the amount you worth of ! reach to CS before that buyer reach and explain everything to them with screenshots !

if value is small accept cancellation and let him go !

there is no way to cancel order without effecting your cancellation rate.

There is if you can get CS to do it without it impacting it. CS did that for me once (when someone put something in the requirements that the gig wasn’t for), even though they said they had no control over it, it didn’t affect my completion rate and I was demoted then.

then I may missing that…I have contacted CS several time and they always answered me same…I even read many threads on forum and all of them suggest same…