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Should I agree to cancel or decline? I don't want to hurt my seller's rating


Hello Fiverr community:

Please, I need your attention here. I have a buyer who placed an order with me, but when I started delivering the order, the buyer wanted to cancel just because the buyer didn’t read my gig’s description which clearly states “World Wide Likes” and the buyer wanted targeted likes on his page right after placing an order. I do no provide that option. The buyer didn’t ask a question about the request before placing an order, but just went ahead and ordered my gig. I did everything possible to make my customer happy, answered all of the questions, provided excellent customer support, but the buyer didn’t want to be happy or listen to anything I head to say.

I really hate to see my rating to drop just because the buyer doesn’t pay attention to the description on what I provide in my services. I don’t want to see any negative feedback left for me, therefore should I decline the cancellation or accept it? I have also contacted customer support about this issue to give the buyer a refund, but still awaiting their response. After all I want to see the buyer leave happy and satisfied without hurting my seller’s rating or leaving a negative comment.


Thank you so much,

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Hey there! I have had one cancellation in the past, and it didn’t affect my ratings at all. I think at one point it used to, but that was changed somewhat recently. Just agree to the mutual cancellation, and be nice, and everything should go smooth. You can maintain your good rating, and the customer doesn’t leave unhappy.

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I would not cancel or refund. Buyer got what you discribed in your gig discription, and its not you fault he did not read. Read the TOC regarding cancelation, and refrence that to your buyer.


Either way, accepting the order won’t get a satisfied customer as your gig offers something other then your customer needs, keep in mind that 5-R recently changed mutual cancellation no longer resulting in a negative rating.


(Mutual cancellation & negative rating) This is not true. I got same problem a few days ago with a buyer whose only aim was to “damage a good sellers´s image” by writing false and negative review. I asked for cancellation - this war granted, buyer got a refund… and after months of very good, hard work - my 100% rating went down immediately to 97%. The Negative review still sticks on my profile. I am really very angry and demotivated because of this - Why must sellers only be rated and buyers can do whatever they want and get free? I think FIVERR must learn from - It´s not fair when one party gets all blame and people don´t have a chance to see the conduct history of the next buyer before them on fiverr. I am really very upset about this incident and don´t have the feeling that somebody really cares about the feelings of a hard-working seller.


So will it do any harm to my seller’s rating, if I neither “decline” nor “Agree to Cancel” the order? Thanks


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