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Should I annoy potential buyers who went silent?


I had someone asking me for a gig I really want to get some orders on and we had a bit of a conversation going on (as I want to make sure that both of us understand what I am going to create) but after making my offer with an included preview I’m still waiting for a response. How “spammy” do you treat your potential clients?


No! (minimum chars 20)


Ditto no!

To the extreme!


I personally would not. Be helpful and do good work and if they want to work with you, they will :slight_smile:


I remind clients only when they said would order. For example, last week, there was a client who didn’t have the company credit card with him when we agreed on a job. Also when I know a client a bit better, I contact him/her again sometimes if he made a concrete promise of more work. This is for example when I know a client told me that some pages for the website still need to be written and when they are still blank after a while. In that case, I am a bit more subtle than just asking for an order, I tell the buyer that the website shows progress, blabla :slight_smile:


No you should not annoy buyers.

One friendly reminder should be all it takes, but only if there’s actual reason.

Like if there’s a conflict in schedule or if you are about to take a few days off. Or if it’s a large order and another one just came up.


You meant a piece of/whole work as sample?


The thing is that the client (twice) said he would order. And it’s a new gig that I’d really like to catch some traction.
I think I’ll shoot a non-annoying question after this weekend. Thanks for your input!

It’s a text animation and I made the first two out of twelve or so paragraphs.


I am not sure but the buyer might have tricked you. There are many such users on Fiverr who will contact you for a work, tell you to do a part of the work before they order, and do the same with multiple Sellers. Now they have their whole work done for free.

Btw did you placed a watermark?


Nah, the buyer didn’t ask for it. I just wanted to provide a sample of a more modern style of that particular work.


Don’t. They could report you for a start. Remember, any message, however polite can be annoying if it’s unsolicited.

Even though they said they were going to order, circumstances obviously changed for whatever reason. Leave it. There’s nothing you can do.


Usually, radio silence means, they were just window shopping or saving up some coins.


It really depends on your conversation with him. Sometimes, I talk to potential buyers, and if they tell me for example ‘‘I will let you know.’’ or ‘‘I’ll be back with an answer.’’, I wait one-two days, and if I see them online, I write a short message similar to this:


Just wanted to let you know that I have some free time tomorrow, which means I can take on your order immediately, with no extra costs.

If you still need my services, it would be my pleasure to work with you.’’

In this way, they will know I will prioritize their order, if they decide to go on with it.

If they don’t reply, just forget about them. Or, in the case in which they tell you that they’re working with someone else, just reply something like this ‘‘Thank you for letting me know! Looking forward to working with you in the future.’’



Sometimes buyers have received offers from several sellers and went with someone else.

I see nothing wrong with sending a simple message asking if they have made a decision. If they don’t reply then you have the answer or they will be open and say they went with someone else. Or simply need more time.


This is it for me too. Usually I would not ‘annoy’ them, but there is the odd case where it makes sense to contact them based on the prior conversation/s, and then I will.