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Should I answare This?


***Capture t. Should I Reply this message?


That’s a notification, not a message.I’m assuming you blocked the person and this came up in response. If that’s the case, no need to take action.


Capture y. I get this message. Before replying, I saw the notification.


Hmm…I’m just guessing here, but maybe they got banned?
But yeah, I’d recommend doing what cyaxrex suggested :slight_smile:


Done.:fallen_leaf: Thanks to all of you for quick response and help me to make decisions fast.:cherry_blossom:


Your response rate will probably take a hit, in which case I suggest you contact CS with a screen shot and ask them to reset that.

Good luck,


This is annoying. Here is (again) what happened. This person had send this message to tons of sellers. Some sellers blocked this person and it’s considered spam by the system. You can click on unblock and then answer the message. After that you can click on report again. If you don’t do that your response rate will go down even though you didn’t do anything wrong. If you do it, it is very likely that your response rate goes down anyway. It’s an old bug that has never been fixed. CS can restore your response rate, but this happens all of the time.


Thank you blaisefaint


Thank you,

Really this is very annoying.