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Should i apply for fiverr pro, or should i learn new skills?

I have a one hard decision, I have my Fiverr account since 2012, meanwhile i just started working and selling gigs (7-8 months ago) and i have been doing great so far… I have 9 completed jobs with earnings going up to $500+ The gigs are very well optimised in the specific niche (By the search term two of mine gigs are always in top 5 results, and keeping track of the competition almost every day).
So my question now is what should i do… Should i try to apply for Fiverr Pro, or should i learn relative skills so that i can reach a bigger buyer audiences.
How does the progressional seller thinks? Give me your thoughts…


Are you professionally trained in your area?

In my opinion I make way more as a top rated seller with competitive prices than I ever would as a Pro Seller with inflated prices. I believe my work is worth more than I’m currently selling at, but I’m making good money with the amount of orders I get so it is a decent trade for me.

I think you can have pro gigs and regular gigs though. Or am I making that up :woozy_face:


Well currently all of the skills i have are self learned with almost 3 years of experience.
The nature of development is:
-Buyer contacts me, with requirements and task(s) for the project.
-Researching for a solution/answer.

  • Development of a demo flow(‘app’)
  • Making an offer.

This results in a 5.0 reviews on mine profile, and a minimum revisions used.
So far i am happy with 2+ projects within a month but would like more to increase the number of orders than the price.
So far i am not sure how many users are on Fiverr that needs this type of service.
I like to learn so probably i would go for skill learning than for pro application.

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You’ll have to have professional qualifications to get approved for a pro gig. I’m not 100% sure what the vetting process looks like, but I do know that experience won’t cut it - you’ll have to prove you have some sort of professional training in your field.


Not sure why you are presenting this as a “hard decision” to make.

Keep charging more as you build experience and are able to offer more social proof of your expertise.

Once you are at a point where you actually lose a percentage of new business due to price, and you are comfortable with actually advising your clients with lower budgets to look into other sellers, then you will be ready to actually wrap your head around the Pro seller’s requirements.

There is no reason why you should apply for Pro status at this point in your Fiverr career.

Focus on your craft and customer journey.

Reaching level 2 and charging what you are worth should be a great goal for everyone before considering the TRS or PRO badges.