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Should I Apply to Remove Bad Review?

Hi Everyone!

Hopefully, you are doing good. My gig almost has a 5-star rating from last 2 years and today I got a 2.7-star rating from a buyer who was little unjust. He is a returning buyer. At the first time, you gave 5 stars, and now, he gave 2.7 stars with remarks like seller don’t know anything about SEO, blah blah. Do you think I should appeal to remove this review?

Secondly, do you think Fiverr team will remove it or not? Or I should leave it as it is and should focus on my work? I am very tensed. I don’t know why buyers do such things.

Please give your suggestions and ideas. I am waiting.

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No. You got a bad review, it’s there to stay. Don’t mention reviews and don’t try to get them altered, you’ll get banned.


It’s not worth it. Fiverr’s more likely to give you a warning for “review manipulation.” I’d say just block the buyer to keep this from happening in the future.


The review doesn’t look unjust to me. I, obviously, don’t know what happened but the way it is written makes it look like the buyer was simply dissatisfied with the service and is expressing it. As opposed to writing it maliciously.

I doubt that fiverr will remove it. If you were threatened, insulted, harassed or blackmailed into doing more work it’d be one thing. But you haven’t mentioned that so, I assume, it’s not the case.


They only remove reviews that violate the terms of service, so no, they won’t.


Your overall performance is good.
In my opinion you should not think to remove bad review.

I agree but it is demotivating me. Fiverr must do anything to safeguard buyers from such situations.

Blocked him. Actually, he ordered for the second time. For the first time, he was happy and how suddenly, he became unsatisfied. Feeling bad.

We are reviewed on each order, so there’s nothing wrong with having a 5 star review and a 2.7 by the same seller buyer. Account seniority or number of 5 star reviews should not influence on any particular review.

Why do you think the review is not fair?

Is it true that “some of the forums were not relative to the niche and 70% of them were no follow”?

If that’s true their review is factual and therefore fair.

Well it’s not your buyer’s or Fiverr’s problem if that demotivates you. Imagine if everyone could get a review deleted because it is “bumming them out”

What would safeguard you from such situations would be delivering better quality services.

Again if you believe that backlinks you provided were good (which I doubt) and their claims are unfair then reply to their review with your side of things, but if not then just move on.

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“some of the forums were not relative to the niche and 70% of them were no follow”?

My gig doesn’t claim anything about do-follow links. Usually, when clients come and ask me how many will be do-follow, I answer most of them will be no-follow. Quality of backlinks was also fine even I used one of the best forums where I usually don’t add links. Secondly, all forums were exactly relevant.

I have cleared my side opinion but still feeling bad.

I stand corrected. I still believe what you’re offering is not of great value but you’ve been upfront on your gig about it, so unless you’ve changed your description after the order’s been placed I see your point now.

However even with your disclaimer the buyer can still be dissatisfied, they wouldn’t be able to get a refund since it was delivered as described in your gig but they’re still entitled to their review.

At the end of the day, a review is about the buyer’s experience. Not yours.

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Well said.

Sellers would be more successful if they focused more on understanding buyers and less on trying to score a sale.

I keep making posts about the importance about understanding your market but the people who need to heed that never do. They just come back begging for a trick to game the system.