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Should I Ask CS to Cancel Now?

So, my town and surrounding area were hit pretty hard by the storm that came through yesterday afternoon (Midwest America). I’m lucky to have power back but I don’t have internet (estimations right now say it might be fixed by Saturday -_-).

I sent an extension request to one of my buyers, but I haven’t heard anything. They have been online within the past few hours though.

Should I ask CS to cancel now, or give the buyer more time to respond? There’s about 18 hours until I need to deliver. I’m hoping CS will be able to cancel without it affecting my ratings.

Or do I just go ahead with canceling through the resolution center and hope CS can fix my ratings later?

Any input is appreciated, especially if you have experience with Fiverr work being disrupted by a storm.

2020 has been absolutely insane :joy:

Can you rely on CS to respond quickly enough? Apparently email is quicker -

… and oh, my - a storm? Not great. Hope you and yours are safe …


The odds are low that you will get a response from CS on this matter in 18 hours. Their current response time on most issues is about 10 days. I certainly hope they can respond sooner, but they are busy and understaffed right now.

Any cancelled order is likely to affect your ratings.

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Yeah, I was worried about the response time. I think the best I’ve had since this all started is 3 days. I’ll try to email them directly, so hopefully that works.

And we all got pretty lucky in terms of no damage to our homes. The rest of my friends and family are still without power though. It was just crazy.

Well, that’s too bad. It looks like my ratings are about to take a hit for the first time in a long time. My luck was bound to run out sometime though :joy:

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On the plus side, if your ratings do fall a bit with a cancellation, they will always return to where they are before the cancellation in 60 days. The ratings hit is not permanent. :wink:


That’s true. I’m not super worried about it, but it’s always nice seeing those 100s on my profile. :joy:


Submit it when you can. You did your part in communicating the issue to your client.

If they had a grievance about the extension they would and should have gotten back to you.

Things are stressful enough for you. Cut yourself some slack. Sorry you’re going through these tough times!

Thank you. I admit that I did get rather lucky though. The storm was definitely much worse for some other people.

Also UPDATE: Apparently my request for extension didn’t even go through! So, that’s just wonderful.

I guess (on the phone app) if you go through all the steps of filing a dispute and then it takes you back to the profile page DON’T hit the back button up top. It completely erases it and doesn’t send the dispute (even though it appeared on the order page). You have to just completely close the app and start it up again.

So, now I’m down to 1 hour for my buyer to hopefully see my messages.

It’s a curveball every day around here. :joy:

It took 9 days for CS to cancel my order. So set the delivery date to 15 days for all your gigs to be on the safer side and mention your actual delivery time on the gig.

Unfortunately, I can’t edit any of my gigs from the phone app, otherwise I would. I have limited data, so I’m trying to limit how much time I spend online at the moment.

From what I see in your profile you don’t need internet to finish the order, right? Other than maybe downloading the files the client sent you, so you could try and finishing the order, and then just creating a hotspot from your phone to your computer to deliver the order.

I’m not able to create a hotspot because it’s not enabled for my account. I’m on a family plan for my phone with a limit of 4-5GB between 4 people. So, my hands are kinda tied. :sweat_smile:

And anyone (even a few cities over) I could usually visit to borrow internet are without power too (it just went out again here actually).

Definitely a new experience for me.

And the buyer has gotten back with me, only to decline all offers of extension and cancellation, so I’m just waiting to hear from CS at this point.

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Heyyy! So CS finally came through. The order was cancelled and my stats are back up to 100%. I still don’t have internet, but at least things are working out today. :blush:


Annoying, isn’t it? I use my browser, but set it to desktop so I get everything the desktop site has on my phone.

It really is. Estimates say it should be back up Saturday. I guess the storm knocked out internet for around 300,000 people Monday and they just restored internet to like 100,000 people yesterday. I just wasn’t one of them. :joy:

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I feel you! My ratings are about to be hit soon due to CS’ current response time. I’m trying not to let the anxiety get to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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