Should I ask why?


A buyer left me a 3.7 star review this morning. Normally, anything less than 5 stars, I’ll send a message letting them know I’m happy to help if they have any questions (sometimes people have trouble seeing my changes, don’t know the difference between the two files I send them, etc.).

No, I do not beg for them to change the review, or offer “extras” trying to bribe them to do so – I never even mention the review, I just offer further assistance.

But this buyer left both a 3.7-star review and a tip? They also rated “buy again or recommend” as 5 stars. 99% of the time, communication is always marked 5 stars for me…I’m just so confused!


You have to be very crafty and neutral in your question to your buyer as to the reason behind the rating.

Something in the lines of:
“I strive for having my buyers be completely satisfied with my service. As you review is quite important for my business, may I ask where I might have lacked in my service?”

Do not solicit for review, hope you get the gist…

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


I think you should ask just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake


I made sure to clarify in my original post, I never even mention how many stars they left (or ask them to change it). I say something along those lines when needed :slight_smile:

I just feel like this might have been a mistake. Who gives a service 3 stars, and then leaves a tip and says they’ll buy it again?


Could it be the problem that’s been mentioned before when there’s an error when buyers try to leave 5 stars on the app, but it’s wrongly done and shows up as fewer?


That’s what I was thinking, can CS handle that or will I have to ask the buyer? I would hate to bother them after they left a tip and everything.


It could be a bug.

What about my client who purchased the same spell a second time since it worked the first time but left only 4.7, with 4 stars on “would you guy it again”? And it wasn’t a bug.


Have you thanked them for the tip? If you haven’t, you could do that, and then ask about the feedback etc. after that?


That’s why I probably won’t mention it, could be intentional :slight_smile: I think I’ll just let it slide. No big deal, it just threw me off this morning!


I think, YOu should cordially ask your buyer


I would write and ask politely what I could improve next time, just so I could know how to better my service.

PS. If not a bug you might never know what is the reason behind the rating.


I had this exact thing happen too me last week. She was a returning customer and suddenly left me a 4-star review. Leaving 3 stars at the “recommend” part but then in her review wrote “definitely recommend!” Haha so I was so confused. I think as long as you are very delicate in the way you message the client, it should be fine to message.

As a seller, If I am given a bad review I would want to message the client to make sure I can fix whatever problem is occurring to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Did you get it resolved? :slight_smile:
I’d like to hear an update!! :yellow_heart:

Edit: I ALWAYS find typos when using the Forum through the Fiverr app! :tired_face:


It might be mistake, most of the buyers are on mobile and it is very easy to click wrong rating.

Try to contact them, I’m pretty sure it was a mistake.




It could be several reasons, like mood at the time, or a change of heart best to ask the buyer only they know why they would have a change of heart