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Should I be charging for Commercial Rights?

I have a Buyer that wants to use my voice recording as part of an Autodial service - it appears I would be the voice of their entire service. They want me to create a fake name for the purpose.

Should I be charging for the rights to my voice? I’m still fuzzy on what constitutes/should constitute the purchase of the Commercial or Full Broadcast rights to my voice.

I have 42 hours to create this - would love some advice in the area!

Thanks All!



I have never encountered this before and I used to voice radio ads for 23 years.

In my case, I was “the evening guy” on the radio and voicing ads came with the territory.

I would do some Google searching for clarification, but I think if you are selling your voice as a freelancer, and you are not an um, famous or well-known person, you are wasting your time trying to copyright your voice.


I don’t think there’s a need to do so, like it or not, your work product is paid for. They have the right to use it as they wish, but if they are going to feature you as an actual person for publicity (with pictures and all)… that’s different.


Autodial, ugh. That’s a great way to have people dislike your voice if it rings them up in the middle of the night or out of the shower. :wink:


Thanks All for the replies! Makes me feel a little better about a weird project…