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Should I be worried about this?


Hey guys
I recently delivered an order. A day later I received a request to revise something on my design. After I sumbited the revised version the following image appears on my notification.

I checked and the client didn’t cancel the order or anything so I am not sure what that means. Does anyone know what it is? Should I be worried?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi! Yes, you probably expected the order status to be 'redelivered’instead of ‘rejected’, but it’s nothing to worry about, i’ve gotten it lot of times, it’s because the first delivery was rejected, (now you’re redelivering because it was rejected) so wait for the next customer’s input, might appear as ‘completed’ when he’s
Dont worry! It’s normal, rejected status until next buyer’s input, no matter if you redeliver a thousand times


Phew… :sweat_smile:Thank you at first I thought it was a cancellation or something. Thanks for reassuring me. Newcomers need people like you in the forum :smiley: