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Should I be worried yet?

I’m a new seller, and my Gigs went live 11/13/2019. I’ve got impressions, clicks, views…but no orders as of 11/18/2019.

Is it time for me to get worried about Gig content? Pricing? Tagging? Promotion? Or do I just get to take a breath and wait to see what happens? If I wait, how long before I can assume that lack of activity means something needs changing?

Many thanks to the veterans for any input you can give me!


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Hey there Kathleen.

Please know that fiverr works like offering service in outside of the virtual world.

Creating a gig and waiting for the orders to come isnt the answer. If you want to have clients you must gather them. You need to promote your gig as any other company promote their business.

Imagine fiverr as a giant Mall, and there are millions of stores in there. It isn’t easy, but waiting orders to come isn’t the right choice.

It took me 1 month to get my first order by the way

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Share your gigs on social market and buyer request regularly.

Yes, I’m still figuring out promotion. :slight_smile: That’s an ongoing process. And thanks for the comment about it taking awhile for your own promotion to pay off; I feel better now.

As I think about it, I guess I’m really wondering what sort of data people have on the relationship between number of clicks and number of orders - basically a closing ratio. Does anyone have any insights on that?

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This is different for every seller. Knowing the numbers behind someone else’s personalized strategy and success, isn’t going to help you become a better seller. You’ve been active for only five days. It might take you weeks or months before your service picks up steam and starts building revenue. As much as most new sellers on this forum had to hear this, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick site or business model. It will take time to become successful.


Thanks for the input.

I guess I did sound like I was treating Fiverr as a magic bullet, and I’m really not. I just want to find a nice equilibrium between experimenting with new ideas to market myself, and giving myself enough time to see if those ideas play out.

So, time to calm down and breathe…


Hello, and I like your Fiver name very much :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I quickly looked through your description and I thought why in the world am I looking
at an image of a delicious looking pita, and then I read the description and it made me laugh. Good one! Having that said though, maybe SOME people might get confused with the pita??

I checked out your other 2 gigs and one of them seemed fine, but the description for your
speech gig seemed VERY short compared to others.
Maybe you should add a bit more?

It looks like you just joined this month, it can takes weeks ( or even months) before to get your
first order. I have no promoting skills or the knowledge, but if you have any method of your own, time to get busy with it. Good luck! :smiley:

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