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Should I bid or not?

It has become a regular “eyeballs coming out of the sockets” thing when I see the buyers’ requests. So much work need to be done in 5$. I just keep staring at the offer thinking if I should bid or not! and then its full of bids :smiley:


I saw… 3 books (totally 210 thousand words) for 70 bucks the other day. Sometimes I’m tempted to bid but with the price I would quote normally but many people threaten to report you if you offer more than their budget. (Some people just don’t know if what to offer though.) I think most people just don’t read the BRs and go straight to writing (or copy pasting a message in as fast as they can).

I avoid BRs for that reason.

Remember, Fiverr gets a cut out of that which means $5 becomes $4 for you.

I find the BRs are (mostly) Buyers just trying to get work done as cheaply as possible and they do this knowing that there are a lot of freelancers here who are desperate for the work.

My advice to you is this: Do you REALLY need a $5 job (that is in realty a $4 job)?

If your answer is YES, then chase after those BRs.

Same to me. :smiley: :smiley:

I had some good projects from BRs, and buyers paid more than the budget in the request. Send an offer and who knows…


Competent sellers who read the request are NOT bidding.

Those that are bidding $5 are doing a bait/switch.

Do you really want work with someone threatening to report you in the request. :woozy_face: Sheesh, only a nightmare, crazy, wack-a-doodle would do that.

Only bid on reasonable ones. Ignore the # of bids, go ahead take your time place your bid even if you’re #999.


This is why I never have used the jungle (buyer request), it is full of "pro only don’t waste my time, budget: 5€)