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Should I buy some gigs about Instagram growth marketing service?

Hi there,

I want to start Instagram marketing and I know that there’re many gigs on Fiverr provide IG marketing service. As I understand, they have some codes (?) for spamming (follow then unfollow, like then unlike, comments on target audience’s IG photos,…) to “bait” some new followers. The result is quite good (increase number of followers, comments, likes).
But I don’t know if this is a really good way to marketing. Such as if they stop running their codes, will new followers unfollow me? How good is conversation rate?

Is there anyone here who did use this kind of service? If you bought it, did it work?
I really need some advice because it’s my first time to use IG to PR my gig. (I just use IG as my personal place).

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what you are looking for.
If you are looking for clients then it is worthless.
If you are looking to increase followers so you can show off to your friends then sure, having a couple of thousand follow you because you followed them is ok for achieving that.


Yeah, I want to find more customers, of course. But I do think an account with thousand followers will easily gain people’s trust. So I want to ask if there was anyone bought this kind of gigs and had experience.

I kinda think that the way to gain people’s trust is not to try fool them into how popular you are :slight_smile:
Provide useful content, be useful to people - that will gain trust and build a following.
Better to have a 100 people who are interested in what you do than a 100,000 who have just followed you back.

Needing to have a big following to attract people is a complete misnomer, usually encouraged by people who sell followers…