Should I cancel an order if I feel the seller is ripping me off


I ordered a logo to be done. The seller did deliver an okay product (I was okay with it, am not particular) and I asked for some modifications to be done on it. However, my conversations with the seller lead me to believe that my seller maybe a bit dodgy. I can’t be 100% sure. I am extremely worried that the logo may have some plagiarism. I have tried reverse searching the image proofs they sent but am not that tech savvy to know if I am doing it properly. What steps should/can I take to protect myself? Or should I just write this off as a loss, let the order go through and just delete it when it completes and try someone else?

Ps. Additionally the Seller told me in the custom offer they extended that I would get the vector images, logo transparency, images would be 300 dpi. In what they sent me before i asked for the modification- the images are 96 dpi, there is no EPS, AI or PDF file for the vector image and no logo transparency included(all have some form of background). (Not sure if with fiverr’s watermark over it if they send low quality until the order is completed).


hello youknonme246 , yes you can cancel the order if the seller taking to much time, there are many other sellers who will do your work with ease easy! try not to waste your time if the seller is not responding. :slight_smile: Goodluck.