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Should I cancel it or not?

A buyer just ordered a gig. He even doesn’t have all the requirements. I don’t want to work with him. I want to cancel. Even he doesn’t know who to order. He have just orderd. Order isn’t started.

If i cancel this order, is it will take any effect on my order cancellation rate? Note, order not started yet.


I think if you cancel this order it will definitely take effect on your order cancellation rate. If buyer is dos not fulfill your requirements then you should to contact the customer support and mention the problem.

If the buyer didn’t provide the requirements you asked, you should contact support to have it cancelled without affecting the cancellation ratio. Or at least so it has been 50% of the time when I have been in similar situations.

Of the order didn’t start yet that means that your buyer can have as much time as he wants to fulfill the requirements and only after that order will start.

If you are in a rush to start this order you can drop him a message to remind him to fill out the requirements.


I think you should wait for the buyer requirements, I hope soon he will come up with the job requirements. Sometimes the buyer takes time to fill up the requirements. If you don’t want to work with him then you should contact the customer support. And if you cancel this order it will take effect on your order cancellation rate.

I think you can start a conversation with the buyer. Buyer might even think he or she has done what’s needed and that you’re already working on their project. So it’s important to send them a message so they can know what you need and provide it.

He/she was probably in a rush or it’s their first time and don’t understand the platform.

I’m new here as a seller as well and needed to take a few weeks to understand how things work before posting my gigs and stuff.

Good luck.


You said that buyer even don’t know who to order. I think he is new in this platform. You can guide him so that he can do the right process. Decision your’s one. Thank you…

If you don’t want to work with them, contact CS, tell them that you can’t complete the project with the information you were given. Ask them to cancel the order for you.

Or you can just let an incomplete order hang in your queue for a while, see what the buyer does.


Thanks all for helping me. I go through CS they said. Do not cancel rn. Give him time.



you can also send a message to the buyer explaining what else you need to complete their order.