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Should I cancel? Need advice

Hello guys! I received an order from this buyer a day ago. The communication is pretty okay, I just completed my project with him and I was just about to deliver but I got really worried as when I clicked on his profile I saw that he has a buyer review, so I checked the profile of the previous seller that he worked with and… This same buyer left him a 1-star review that said “Bsnemeioskmeheywijw” to which the seller responded- Everything went great in my eyes, I don’t know what went wrong with this order. Well, thanks for the review I guess.

Now, should I cancel? What if this user is a troll that purchases a services just to leave one-star reviews? I feel like canceling is not professional, but at the same time the only time that the user purchased a service on Fiverr before he left a 1-star gibberish review.

Any advice?


Bless you.

I wouldn’t cancel. If they do the same to you, just prepare response to their review saying that you knew before you completed this order that they seem to leave gibberish 1-star reviews for sellers as a habit, yet you completed their order anyway, as you believe in treating all your customers fairly and equally.

It would also be fun if you typed Bsnemeioskmeheywijw as your review of your buyer (the one that appears on their profile) and left them 1-star. However, you will feel stupid if they leave you 5-stars.


Yeah, but is it worth it? It’s a small order. If I decide to cancel how should I approach him?

Cancellations hurt you more than bad reviews. In this case, it is not worth cancelling. A $5 cancellation could see you lose several high-value orders. In this case, you’d lose more $$$'s.

Can I mention his past review? Damn, I’m really worried about this ngl

This is like asking if eating fireworks might be able to cure constipation.

No. It is none of your business why the buyer might have left a poor review for another seller. You are really just making a mountain out of a molehill here.

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His cat probably walked over his keyboard. I wouldn’t worry too much … unless the same thing happens again, in which case you’ll know and then leave an honest review for others


Well, the blind review system won’t really let me do that. I hope that CS will be able to assist in removing the review tho, as “GJsjdgjdsghjsdb” 1-star reviews from the same buyer should be a red flag. I just sent him the work without delivering it btw, he said that it is “Fire, great work!”.

You can respond to their review …

Well, it doesn’t really matter tho as it’s in my profile so I won’t be able to warn anyone. And it will still hurt the rating of my gig and the rating of my profile. It’s definitely not worth the risk in my opinion but… Well, I guess I’ll figure it out.

Good news everyone - I received a 5-star review from the buyer. Everything went great, really kind guy. I wonder what happened with his previous review. Your advice was spot on.


Cancel, especially if it’s not a big budget involved.

Be glad for the gibberish. It’s a sign to other buyers that the rating isn’t legitimate and actually means nothing.

It’s nothing to worry about, anyway. If you have a solid business you will recover. There isn’t a business that doesn’t get the odd bad, nonsense review. It doesn’t take you down unless your business is flawed.

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Just take it, you get the income