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Should I Cancel Now or Keep Waiting?

How long should I give someone to keep trying? I hired someone to modify my theme, etc. I gave them a specific website to pattern it after since I know for a fact it’s done with the same theme. I asked them about whether they could make my site look like the specific site before I bought the custom gig and was told they could.

Now the seller keeps telling me such and such can’t be done when I have seen it on other sites with the same theme. Has done some work but is still not near what I wanted. Accidentally (?) marked it as complete, which I have not accepted.

It does not look like the specific website example. I have said I want it to look exactly like that style but the seller doesn’t seem to understand. I am losing faith in their ability at this point. I would rather try another designer who hopefully is able to deliver what I specifically requested.


I would always take into consideration that the amount of work put into a delivery should be reasonably priced (for both buyer as seller). If you think the gig value is too high for what’s been done and you have indeed explicitly stated that you wanted “this” and not something else, you are totally right to cancel the order.

Good luck!

Thanks. I paid $100 for this, which is not a cheap $5 gig at least. I want to change my website back to where it was before until I can find someone who is able to perform the gig as requested, but am trying to leave it to see if they do more work. As it is with their bits of work, I now have 2 columns that display the exact same posts because…why?

I have sent in a cancel request to support because I am losing faith in their abilities and don’t think modifications will help. Technically it was due in another day, but now it’s been marked as complete (which I rejected) so not sure how that affects timelines.

I’ve tried to be specific indeed in what I requested. I thought I would avoid some problems by showing the exact website I wanted to mimic with some little modifications. I’ve tried breaking down the column style while referring to the specific site to explain that yes, I wanted to have my posts display just like this site.

Things I were told couldn’t be done were simple like a menu below the banner instead of above (if I am remembering, I had this arrangement in the past, so definitely can be done) and a featured posts slider. The theme I use has an extensive page builder and features like these are not difficult to implement. Something like a plugin would be another option.

Sorry this is long. I am frustrated.

Don’t be - this happens with even the best developers. you did the right thing on cancelling! Hope you’ll find the right partner soon!

Just do a request for a cancellation.

The Cancel request drop down seems to be gone now, telling me to contact support.
He didn’t work on my site for a day and a half or so. He contacted me this morning, saying his mom had been in hospital.

Now tonight as he is working on my site (sorta…it’s screwed up right now some more. Sigh) I get this
"“My mother is very sick . She is in hospital . i need some mon-ey . If you accept the order i will get the mon-ey after 14 days. so if you accept this now i can get it early”

How do I nicely say Sorry, but No. If I do that, he could totally bail and stop working and I would think it harder to get any money back since I accepted. Sigh.

Just say that you’re sorry but have to cancel as he’s simply not delivering anything you asked for. You are not a charity.