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Should I cancel or continue?

I recently took a project about data entry. I had to post some things on my client’s website. The deadline was 5 days and I had an emergency so couldn’t start earlier but the buyer was on my ass with bossy attitude like “when are you starting?” “I won’t be extending the deadline” “If you don’t want to work then cancel it now”.

I told him that I had an emergency that’s why I couldn’t start earlier, but I would finish on time. If I don’t, you can cancel the order and keep the work as well. Now, the problem is, I’m afraid even if I do my best and deliver it before the deadline, he may leave a negative review.
What should I do? Should I cancel it or finish the order and hope that he won’t leave a negative feedback because of this.

P.S: I’ve already done half the work, about 4 hours work remains & the deadline ends in 6 hours. I can easily finish it on time but I’m afraid.


If your output quality is good as offered and delivery in deadline there is no point to cancel. Review feedback depends on buyer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Quality is going to be top-notch. But I’m afraid as I didn’t listen to him and couldn’t start earlier, he may do something bad :frowning:

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don’t think that way - just do your best give your best and be fairly humble. Do not cancel the order

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Then it might cause less score in communication rating and recommendation too nothing else.

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Okay, thank you guys! I’ll do my best.

Thanks for sharing your problem. I think that Cancel is better than deliver the work within time limit. Every should skip from mind that review either positive or negative. Don’t care about the review. Its only my opinion although I am new in fiverr.

I understand your concern. But he only seemed to be rude when he thought you wouldn’t deliver on time. Deliver and see what he says. You can always try to cancel if he’s rude again after receiving the work.

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