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Should I cancel or not?


Hello everybody,

Recently I got a buyer who placed a pretty large order of $80 of my English to Dutch translation gig. The text he wanted me to translate was pretty strange, but I still did it. I sent him the translation, but he said he wasn’t satisfied and wants a refund. He told me to “refund quickly or I will send a copy of the translation with our exchanges directly to Fiverr. If you refund quickly I will not send a complaint to Fiverr”. I feel like he is trying to get work done for free.

Should I refund him or not?

Edit: I also told him that I can modify the translation for him until he’s satisfied, but he said “No, just refund me”.


I say you don’t. The buyer thinks he’s smart and wants to take advantage of you. If the gig you offer is a translation, when you deliver the work he has the translation and can just write it out somewhere. This leaves you with no payment for the time spent on the order. If you can contact cs and report him


when you saw that the text is difficult to translate, you should contact him first with that massage and ask him to continue with the order. but still something looks strange here. I don’t like his attitude… so yeah, looks like he’s trying to trick you


He is basically threatening you.
If he leaves a negative review, you can send a screenshot of that threat to Fiverr. Also attach a screenshot of the work you completed for him.
Fiverr will remove your negative review, you keep your money.


Alright, thanks everybody for your help!


Dear hipie007,

If you think your work is correct and you have strong evidence that he is try to trick with you,

the you should go to fiverr team first and inform them.

because now a days it is quite hard to remove a negative review.

by spend $80 you can not remove your negative review.


I wouldn’t refund. This doesn’t sound right. I would contact customer support. Make them aware of the situation. You did the right thing by offering him a modification.


yes annai80

in your point of view you are right.

i just give my opinion what i do every time



The buyer opened a cancellation dispute. What should I do? I’ve contacted CS, but no reply yet.


Decline it and wait for CS to reply.

He wants free work. If he give you negative review, then send the screen shots of his threats to Customer support


Lodge a complaint against them.