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Should I cancel the order? (As a buyer)

Hi, this is the second time I am buying from Fiverr. I have placed an order but I think I don’t need that. The seller is asking for additional time also. So, Should I ask the seller to cancel the order?
What’s your suggestion. Please help.
Thank you.

Well it’s not very fair to the seller. You shouldn’t order if you are not 100% sure…

If you cancel, the seller’s account will be affected.


It’s not the seller’s fault if you do not need the product.

It’s also possible that the seller might be busy with other orders, so allowing him/her additional days is better than cancelling the order.

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Maybe ask the seller?

Thank you. I have asked the seller and he has cancelled.

Next time try to order when you are 100% sure you need it. This way you just affected him in a bad way :grin:

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Yes, you are right. I am feeling very sorry for that. But he was unable to finish the work in the time frame. So, he has sent the dispute.