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Should I cancel the order?

Hi all,

I need your advices and thoughts on this.

A customer made an order without prior conversations with me. If there was a conversation prior to order, then there won’t be any order, because I would have said that I won’t make it.

I hate when the clients order without getting in touch before. All the choice you have after that is to deal with it or to cancel.

I didn’t cancel because Fiverr stated “cancellations affect your ranking and your performance score”. As a 1 month old seller, I wanted to accelerate things. Bad idea.

The conversation was poor. I clearly stated that I speak French and English, but he still mixed a poor French, a poor English and added an other language I didn’t master.

He keeps asking revisions with things that we didn’t agree on and were not on the brief. My messages stating this get ignored as he continues on his way to ask for revisions. (the worst is that being a French copywriter, I know the revisions he’s asking are worsening his work, but explaining would be a lost of time).

I don’t wanna argue with customer support, or even with the customer itself. I made a mistake not cancelling since the beginning.
I have other orders waiting for me. I lost enough time with that one and it affects my productivity.
Now, I don’t care about the money I will lose, I just want to stop dealing with this order. Even if according to me, I delivered more than what was expected and much more than the real value.
That was a lesson for me, a poor conversation never lead to great results. The worst thing is that I knew it. Minds sometimes act stupid.

I see that I cannot cancel it myself, I have to “ask the buyer to cancel”

  • Can he deny the cancelation? If so, what’s the next step?
  • Can he still put a (bad) review even on a cancelled order?

In any way, I think I will cancel. I just want to know what to expect for my account status, maybe a big drop of ranking :pensive:

Thank you guys

Cancel and expect your completion rate to go down.
Don’t cancel and fully complete the transaction and get a poor review.
Those are pretty much your choices.

Yes, he can. If he does, your options are to send another cancellation request, try to deliver revised work and hope that he’ll accept it, or ask Customer Support to cancel the order for you.

He won’t be able to put a public review, but he’ll be able to leave private feedback (visible only to Fiverr staff).