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Should I Cancel the Orders and Risk Loosing Money or Do The Jobs Regardless

I do logo animations and I’ve had buys make orders based on logo design, which I don’t do. Then I’ve had buyers place orders that didn’t fit the scope of their request, imaging ordering for lobster and paying for shrimp. And when confronted with these issues, some buyers refuse to respond.
So of course, the only option left is to cancel the order but Fiverr doesn’t seem to think we should. We get penalized if we cancel.
What’s the point of answering those question on the Resolution page if they’re not going to be put to good use? Am I the only one that sees this as unfair. Punishing the Seller for the actions or inactions of the buyer.
At the moment I have 2 orders I need to cancel because the buyers are really trying to be cheap. They refusing to pay for extra work that is required. Even though it was stated in the instructions.
I can’t finish these jobs then the sellers would think I’m bluffing.
I really am not sure what to do, do these jobs or cancel the orders…help!


Unfortunately you are way better off just doing this order and forget about it.

Cancelling orders reflect bad on your stats, and I am sure Fiverr uses some sort of penalty. Regardless who’s fault a cancellation is.

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This is why it’s a great idea to raise your starting prices. You avoid cancellations this way.
You get rid of these very cheap buyers and are more fairly paid.

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Oh I know that now. Initially it was a ploy to lure customers. Now I know all it does is attract the bad customers.


That’s a good idea (as I too follow that trick) but the problem is, you’ll receive less amount of orders than you received with a cheaper price. And remember that, completing less orders can also reduce your completion rate just as like the cancellation does.


If you’ve done enough jobs where you know you’ll meet the minimum requirement for the monthly evaluation, just cancel. You shouldn’t take abuse from difficult clients.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but once you have things start getting heated regarding price, I’d want to cancel regardless. Just a bad review waiting to happen.

I’ve thought about that too. My worst reveiws have been from cheap clients expecting more.

Exactly! I’ve been lucky enough to avoid negative feedback so far, but this is always in the back of my mind. You can usually tell close to the start if the order is going to be a smooth process, and if things don’t seem to be going well right off the bat, nine times out of ten I’ll take a cancellation over a bad review.

I just cancelled an order with the buyer. My Completion Rating just dropped to 95%. That’s scary though.

I thought that when an order is not finished the completion rate took a hit. I did not think your completion rate depends on the number of orders that you do. If I get only one order and complete it, my completion rate should be 100%. Canceling orders however affects completion rates.

I agree that is scary. Wha was your completion rate before you canceled?

It was a 100% trying to keep everything perfect I need to get to level 2 this Sunday.

Oh, wow,
5 % for one order. :slightly_frowning_face:

Imagine that and it doesn’t seem to change as I complete other orders.

No, I don’t think that’s really what will happen.

I think there’s a specific amount of orders you will need to complete to keep your completion rate at the same stage, and maybe Fiverr is not revealing it.

Long ago (when I was almost new), I had to go to a vacation but I didn’t know about the “Vacation Mode” so I couldn’t turn that on, instead I just increased the delivery time as I saw this was the only hope. I didn’t have any orders cancelled but I just couldn’t complete orders, and when I got back from the vacation I saw my completion rate was dropped to about 85% - 88% (I don’t remember the exact %)

If you are not comfortable with your work you should cancel

Interesting, I have never had that happen.