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Should I cancel this $5 order that's been "Awaiting response" for almost 100 days? Haha?


I have a $5 order someone placed about 100 days ago. It sits there, solitary orange and incomplete, in the “Awaiting Response” section of my Fiverr page.

I look at it sometimes, pondering.

I’d sent a message the day it was sent, of course, asking the client to complete the information for the order… And I waited.

And I waited some more.

Weeks passed and seasons changed as the order sat there by it’s lonesome. Leaves turned green to gold.

I waited some more.

2 months passed and the Incomplete Order had become a part of my Fiverr landscape, so to speak. A friend, almost. I typed out another message, simple, but 6 small words: “Do you still need this order?”

I waited some more. Eventually, I stopped waiting. The leaves, no longer gold but brown, slowly drifted to find their home upon the frosted ground - winter had come.

Sipping some coffee and completing orders - suddenly, a message! And no ordinary message. It was a message from the Buyer of the Incomplete Order.

My fingers trembled, as I looked upon the words: “Whoops! No I do not. Sorry Joy - I didn’t realize that I had another order in process by accident.”

I closed my eyes, and smiled. Our journey had come to an end at last, I thought. The buyer would go on to cancel the order and my old friend the Incomplete Order would move on into the void of space and time, never to be completed - but alas, fate is a cruel mistress, and not all Orders were Destined for Completion.

The next day, upon turning on my laptop to begin the days work, a small shock. The Incomplete Order was there, staring back at me. I frowned. I was sure I’d be greeted with a cancellation request, but this was not so, oh no. Perplexed, but with a day of work ahead, I pressed on with my orders.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Halloween came and went. Incomplete Order was there with me through thanksgiving, through Christmas, and now - the New Year approaches…

It has now been 98 days and basically I didn’t want to cancel it myself because I didn’t want it to hit my order completion stats so I just didn’t do anything about it but like even if it’s only $5 I want the guy who placed the order to get his money back soooo should I contact customer service or what?


Yes having CS cancelling it for you is the best option you have.


You can cancel it from resulation center.

Yes but via the “resulation” center they need to have their buyer accept the cancellation request plus they will definitely take the hit on their order completion rate.

Now I’m not saying that a customer support cancellation won’t have the same repercussions but I’m not saying it will either. :slight_smile:


Yes, i understand you.thanks

Alrighty looks like I’ll contact CS tomorrow, thanks!


I don’t cancel them at all. I have ones going back to 2013.
Raising my prices has fixed the problem since they usually don’t ignore it when they spend more.

I don’t trust it to not affect my stats if CS cancels it. It can go either way.


I just had over 100 orders cancelled by my SM. Of course if goes without saying that it was something they offered to do for me, manually, and they assured me it wouldn’t affect my stats.

They were just taking up space on my dashboard.


You’re lucky to have a SM. I don’t trust enough to be able to turn the job over to a random CS agent.

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I’ve had the “inactive” buyers returning twice. One in 8 months, after ignoring my reminder messages that I’ve sent once every month. Casually submitting the requirements, proceeding with the order, completing it with no issue.

Another one hanged in there for 1+ year. I was just curious to see what would eventually happen, I suppose. The buyer finally came back and told me they wanted to order. Ignoring my reminder messages AND ignoring the inactive order that was actually there the entire time. I told them to please discuss the project with me first so I could confirm it was something I could do and adjust the price by sending an extra (my prices has changed since the order was first placed).

The buyer said “Sure, let’s do it”, just activated the cheaper old order and told me they will be sending the information “tomorrow”. My order now had “429 days late” next to it.

I saw it (429 days late was a traumatic thing to see), went straight to CS, requested the cancellation, wrote to the buyer that the communication was off and I had no idea how to make the order work logistically and blocked them.

I don’t think these orders are malicious in any way but they show certain disregard for the seller’s stats and the seller’s schedule. While the stats situation isn’t made too obvious for buyers for better or worse, the schedule concerns are just common sense. I’m not sitting around waiting for your order for literal years, why would I.

So I always give it 2-4 weeks and then cancel. It’s not going anywhere by itself and you don’t want it to go live at the worst possible moment when you’re on vacation or away for any other reason, for instance.


I had an incomplete order sitting on my dashboard for 6 years, I finally decided to
get rid of it. It wasn’t taking up space or anything, but I simply felt like it was just
time for it to go! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


They should automatically be removed once the three mark time has been reached.


Agreed. Logically speaking