Should i cancel this order ? Need your suggestion Please


This buyer need a professional work in only $5 even they didn’t show me his demands that what kind of video they need, now i modify his work 2 times and he need some more changes which is not my mistake, please check the attachment and share your experience that what should i do ?

Thank you .!


Did he reply? I am so curious what did he have to say.


:smiley: not yet


Ouch, I would never work for that long. He shouldn’t even expect a revision for that price.


You should cancel the order and don’t grant any usage rights to the work.
If you work for $4,- you really shouldn’t offer revisions, especially not if you work that many hours. You would earn much more by flipping burgers.


First of all, whenever a client requests a change and it is due to them such as a script change, I send them a custom offer on the original order for the change. Revisions due to their changes are at a cost. My mistakes I fix without cost.

I live by the never fix for free a client change, otherwise you get change after change after change.