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Should I cancel this order?

Long story short a buyer suddenly open an order, Asking for mugen character. Hence my gig mainly focus on sprite sheet and pixel art. So ok I will make him sprite sheet for his character.
But mid work he talk about fighter studio and character template.
I think I misundertood what he mean as ‘‘character build’’ I tought a sprite sheet for all the action would suffice but he want ME to code a foncional character with fighter factory editor. Editor that I have no knowledge in it.
Also the buyer is kinda pushy and unlistening to the issue.


That’s, hmmm…

What is the exact wording of your gig and contract? If you don’t offer coding, then don’t. Point out to the Buyer that that’s not a part of the contract, repeat what the contract is, and ask if they would like to continue or cancel with what they originally hired you to do. If they want to continue with just the sprites, great. If not, then you can contact Fiverr CS and ask if they’re willing to cancel the order for you, due to the Buyer misunderstanding what you offer.

Send a long message to the buyer to know if coding are really obligatory because I will cancel it

Btw this isn’t a custom gig

My gig description, added sprite sheet to the last sentance so it less ambiguous. But it clearly written will do the pixel art.
I feel dumb found the original message, it was can you help convert this character into mugen(It was just an image) Didn’t ponder the full implication and tought do he mean a sprite sheet? Cool will do it. For my defense what was he was asking was ambiguous like he wanted character design, but only talked about fighter factory later…

All I see is UNLIMITED Revisions.

That alone can get you into a mess with some Buyers.

Don’t offer that to anyone.

As for your question…I would cancel.

The Buyer wants something different to what you offered.

I hope this helps.

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send a cancel notice, hope the buyer will understand