Should I care about negative rating after reaching Level 1?


I have been promoted to Level 1 seller and I only got good reviews before this. Now I have had couple of bad experiences with unreasonable buyers should I be concerned about bad reviews as much as a new seller has to be?
I had one of those experiences where I delivered the work and the buyer is not satisfied and wants to cancel order, I have to choice to get a bad review or not cancel the order ever lol


Your future work depends greatly on your rating. I would strive to keep it at 100% - 5 stars.

Is $5.00 worth a negative review? No.

Is refunding a $300.00 order worth not getting a negative review? I would refund it and I have in the past.


You’ve had one bad review:

“Not happy with the delivery. This guy has not sent the design source file, but just the pdf and jpeg.”

You responded that the buyer didn’t read the gig description. I read it, you never mentioned that you wouldn’t deliver a source file.

“High quality images (You can request your desired resolution, No extra cost)”

I did see “File Format

But you should mention it in the gig description in your what you get section

What you Get:
Source File (optional)
1 JPG, PNG, and PDF
High quality images (choose your desired resolution at no additional cost)
Attractive, Clean and Professional
Personalized with Name(s), Pictures and Logo
24 Hours Delivery


I actually don’t offer source file, this buyer realized it when it was too late and Fiverr didn’t let me change the review :frowning: . “I had one of those experiences where I delivered the work and the buyer is not satisfied and wants to cancel order, I have to choice to get a bad review or not cancel the order ever” This is my acitve order and concern right now


You should always.
As the next evaluation is upcoming


In your case I would cancel it.

And just out of curiosity why not deliver the source file as an extra at least?


Always look at your analytics. If your completion rate is above 90%, you can afford a few refunds, just make sure you don’t drop under 90%.

I was at 87% and delivered a bunch of stuff, refused to refund, now I’m at 94%. On the other hand, my 60-day rating dropped to 4.7, and Fiverr’s minimum is 4.8. So now my policy is to refund if the client demands it. I want to avoid bad reviews right now.

Personally, I think Fiverr’s new policies are ridiculous. If I could make $2,000 or $3,000 a rate and my order completion rate falls to 80%, why should I care? Right now Fiverr is rewarding low volume sellers with high completion rates and high review scores vs. high volume sellers that are more likely to meet problem buyers.


That’s a good point. But fiverr loses out on earnings when there are cancellations, don’t they?


I doubt they do. Because the refunds goes directly to the buyers Fiverr’s balance and it’s not available for withdrawals. It can only be used on Fiverr again. So Fiverr does not loose, but the seller. Correct me if I’m wrong.


It is possible some of those buyers get refunds back from fiverr if they ask for them, and others never spend the money in their accounts. They also are less likely to continue to order if they had to get a refund due to some problem.


They don’t. The order transactions were made with their website, and so they earn money through traffic


If the refunds are never spent on fiverr but instead sit in their accounts, this is not money fiverr has yet earned. It is in what amounts to an escrow account.


Yes, I know that. But visiting Fiverr’s website a day brings money to Fiverr through website traffic.
You know that right?


I’m not aware that simply visiting this site requires that you pay any fee.


The refunds will be spent eventually, maybe sooner than later because the buyer has a need. I don’t think people get a $5 or $100 refund and forget about it.


What about all those orders that never started? Those people forgot about them. Fiverr can’t spend that money, although they probably earn interest on it.

Apparently a lot of people do simply forget about it.


You don’t need to pay any fee. Website owners generates money through traffic. As long as you visit the website, they get their money. In as much as you are accessing with a data connection(which is required) and data charges apply, then they will surely earn. I know of someone who makes money that way.


I’ve owned websites, lots of them, and never gotten any fee. I’m sorry but what you are saying is not true. Maybe you mean through google ads, but fiverr doesn’t show those.


Yea, just saw that, thanks. But i think they also use another system called ‘affiliate marketing’


Affiliate marketing doesn’t pay per page view.