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Should I change my Fiverr Gig style to Versatile?

A month ago, I’ve made a new fiverr gig “Create a brand new logo”. Since then, I’ve got 2 successful orders for designing logo. I’m getting my gig on first page of fiverr search though getting less views per day around 1 - 8 Views after sending buyer requests offer. Yet I’m happy with my gig but I want to improve it.

The issue is that I’ve put my Logo style to “3d” instead of “versatile”. But now I want to change it to “versatile” to get more customers.
Is it risk free?
Will it affect my ranking?
Help me, I’m afraid. I’ve no idea.
My fiverr gig :

Also, please give feedback of my gig quality. It would be a great help :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

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As a new seller you have 6 more gigs spare why don’t you create new one with versatile style.


Yes, I was thinking the same but It might confuse the buyers. I just wanted to make one default gig with good reviews and ranking. BTW will it affect my current gig impression if I post a new gig? Thanks!

I don’t think it will affect your existing gigs impression.
In fact by creating new gig you will get more visibility.
Keep in mind gigs should not be identical, its against ToS.

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Got it, Thanks a lot sir, Great help! Thank you!!