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Should I change my Gig's Pic?


Hello there, What do you think? I should change my Fiverr’s gig or anything needs to change so that I can get a regulay order. Please any tips to me will be appreciated.


Professional opinion: yes you should

  • White letters over tan background :unamused:
  • Red letters with white stroke on colourful background :unamused:
  • Again white letters on brown background :unamused:

Not the best choice for any of your text, and there is too much text on the Covers: nobody will read them from a thumbnail and mostly they’re too small.

Change them and use something that pops among other Gigs.


Thanks, I will change :slight_smile:


Ofcourse you can change your gig description, title, category, image, video etc.

But if you change something in your gig, your gig may hidden for upto 48 hours to review your gig by fiverr.