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Should I change my gigs titile and tag


Hi friends!

I have not sold any recently, I think that because of my title and tag is not good. Can you guys give me some advices? link:

Thanks and Best regards


Titles affect impressions, but a decrease in impressions doesn’t necessarily mean poorly worded titles.
You should look at your conversion (impression > clicks > orders).


thanks uxreview for your idea! :slight_smile:
I think these datas dont make sense much to me, for Im not good at anylizing. Do you think SEO is the point? Because I see same services but one bestseller and the other not sale at all :confused:


If you already had good impressions and gig ranking before then that means that those people
In front of you in the search have better statististics st the moment. It might change any time. (they reply faster, they have more positive reviews, their order completion ratio is higher and so on and so on)


I can help here I believe. As @uxreview said already, I’m just trying to explain what I have learned from forum till now.

For example to analyze the statistics, assume that you have 100 impressions. So it means, your gig appeared on fiverr search results 100 times. So you have to work on that too also, how you can get your gig on search results more times. Sorry for my bad English.

Now, assume again that you got 50 clicks. Which means when buyers searched something, your gig popped up and from 100 times of popping up of your gig, 50 people choose to click on it. That’s a pretty good ratio though. ½ of the time people clicked on it.

Now calculate the orders. Assume you got 5 orders. So 50 people click on your gig but only 5 placed an order. Think now, why only 5. Where are the other 45? Why they didn’t order? May be they didn’t understand your description? Or may be they didn’t like the gig image! Or may be your price is not on their budget! There are so many “MAY BEs”. So it’s your turn to put yourself on the buyers position and figure out what is the reason of not getting orders from clicks.


Another important issue is your username. Why it is @manlees ? Is that your name? If yes, then it’s okay. And if not use your own name or your niche service username.