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Should I charge $5 for a $100-$300 gig?

Hello everyone,
Here is my gig.

Making websites is quite time consuming. My question is should I charge $5 at the start to gain some reviews in the beginning? Does that help get customers at the start?

When is it a good time raise prices?

your gig looks good, I think you should wait till you have a couple of more reviews under the belt before raising the prices.


Everyone knows that this job is worth 100$ or more. No client will buy from you in 5$ because they will simply get an impression that you are bluffing or not an expert.

One thing you can do is to charge less than other gigs on fiverr. If the same gigs are 100$ then provide it for 90$. That’s it


Yes! You need to value your work! Your title answers your question. Charge what something is worth with a small discount at the most. Don’t undersell yourself. You’ll also get cheap buyers who will make your life a living Hell. I’d raise prices now and then whenever you see fit/level change.

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Interesting response. I appreciate it. I would think that offering them at a low price would increase engagement and help rise me in the search engine rankings. But I guess I am going to have to be patient like every body else.

I have risen my prices to something more reasonable as per your suggestions.

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So you mean if a person was passing by a car dealer and saw a Ferrari being sold for $100 they would simply pass without looking back???

I think a buyer would be interested in seeing why an expensive item is being sold less than it’s worth… on that note buyers will be drawn in by cheaper prices

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I do like it a lot better to follow rohitsolanki’s approach. Of charging less than my competition, but nothing outrages. Will save me the head ache.

Didn’t mean to request deletion. Oops