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Should i charge more on my gig extra's?


Someone told me i should charge more on my extra’s on the gig i listed below. Anyone have any advice? Should i keep it the same or charge more?


Money is not all, quality is everything.


It often happens that if you charge less, people will assume you aren’t a professional and not respect you, and if you charge more they will assume you respect yourself and respect you likewise.



this is my professional video editing gig

I can do professional video editing and post production on films, short clips, music videos, promotions, commercials, intros, marketing videos, etc.

The service includes advanced visual effects, amazing fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, cutting & adding music in the right timing, audio sync and many more!

Samples of my work



I have the same question. I have recently been upgraded to level 1. Now i was wondering as to how i should setup my extra’s.

I am a lawyer by profession.


It helps to see what other sellers with similar gigs are charging. But regardless, don’t be afraid to charge what you think you services are worth. Contrary to popular belief, many buyers will opt to pay more for high quality.

Hope that helps.




What Morgan says is totally true. I upped my prices about a month ago and I was worried it would bottom out my business. It didn’t and I actually make closer to what I think my time is worth now. Sure, some people may charge less for more, but like Morgan said, people are willing to pay for quality.