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Should I charge when customers missed their chance for revisions?

Hello, I have a customer who had a completed order. After some days, he requested changes to the service I made. I think he should’ve included these in his revision requests when the order was still active. Moreover, the changes were not really part of the original instructions as I was not given a specific context for the service. Should I just charge them or consider it a revision anyways? Thanks in advance.


If the order has already been completed then there is no obligation to carry out any revisions for free. The customer should have requested a revision at the delivery time or before. To ensure there is no misunderstanding I always remind the customer about revisions on the delivery message. I normally put something like “If you are happy with this delivery then you can accept it, if you aren’t then you can request a revision here and I’ll be happy to change it for you and deliver again.”


Right, appreciate the advise. Thx!

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