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Should i close my fiverr account Or Just leaved in Vacation mode?

Should i close my fiverr account Or Just leaved in Vacation mode?

Fiverr had chargeback at my account of 400$ after the Order completed 2 month before and Now, It’s showing negative balance!!

I’m totally disappointing to that.!! I had contacted the CS but they are not helping!

I want to know my other fellow sellers suggestions!!


Hi,wot happened u r a top rated seller.why u want to leave fiverr.

It’s not liable and trust-able - Anytime, any amount can be chargeback by fiverr CS to any seller of fiverr. It happen with me and next can be any one seller. !!

Unfortunately almost everybody has gone through chargebacks :frowning:

More so, chargebacks happen in real life, too - but you don’t hear about businesses or companies closing because they had a chargeback (nor that they stop working and go on vacation because of that) :wink:

My advice is this: if you still get orders or have existing clients you work for from time to time, there’s no need to close your account (that will be a final move and you’ll delete everything you’ve worked so hard for).

But if you need to take a break because of how the chargeback has affected you, then by all means take a hard-earned vacation (however, remember that being on vacation too long will decrease your gig rankings)


Seriously? Fiverr does that? This is the first time I am seeing this. And $400 chargeback is heart breaking man.

This is just a criminal act, with the necessary assistance of Paypal (if this is the case of the CB, which seems). Stealing is a felony which is punished in every country of the world, and offenders must be prosecuted, and the right measures must be taken to avoid this crimes to be perpetrated.

This is serious, and I don’t understand why this is allowed at all. We have the right to choose then how our buyers pay, and I DON’T want Paypal or someone that offers chargebacks or have an unsecured payment system.

PS: Just wait how this evolves. In the meantime, you can just use the out of office feature rather than closing the account. CS may solve it and return your money, who knows…

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Really after 2 months? ??? Fiverr needs to clarify this situation.

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Hi @fast_editing

May I add to what @Woofy31 said. If you were to need some time, just go “out of office” instead of going into vacation mode.


I would wonder if Fiverr would somehow seek legal action against you for leaving when you have a debt with them? :thinking:

I agree with @Woofy31. It is not fair that you have a negative balance but that does happen in the business world too. I once owned a bookstore and had this happen. All you can do is write it off on your taxes. If that is possible in your country.

I was talking with a PayPal rep about another issue only yesterday. The rep told me that PayPal does not do the chargeback. It is out of their hands because the “banks control that.” I asked her what she meant and she said it is the credit card companies that initiate the chargeback. PayPal’s hands are tied. They cannot do anything about it.

I have stopped doing orders for any more than I can afford to lose. (be in a negative balance for) :roll_eyes:


I think they might have to fight the CB themselves (with the credit card company or whoever is responsible) :rofl: cuz, clearly, it is not the seller’s fault. Could they hold the seller legally responsible? I don’t think so… If it was the seller’s fault, then maybe they could. :thinking:

Also, thanks for informing us about the fact that PayPal was not in control of these CBs either… For all this while, I was under the impression that PayPal’s refund policy (you can refund whenever you want—within 6 months of purchase) was to blame for all the CBs.

I think perhaps they could, :thinking: but I am not a lawyer. And there are laws from different countries involved here.

Yeah, true. That makes it all the more complicated. I am no lawyer either (I’m just speculating…) I think it would be far more easier and economical for them to fight the CB themselves (if at all they decided to…) :smiley: Although, if they were to hire a lawyer in international law (from Fiverr), that might not be the case… :wink:

On a little more serious note, if it was a much higher amount ($5K +), then, I wonder if they might take a different approach :thinking:

:flushed: :open_mouth:

This is unbelievable! :flushed: :roll_eyes:

To me, this explanation the rep gave you is, as we say in my country, just “running the wrinkle” until it reaches the big fat fish who nobody wants to fight against :roll_eyes:

So now everyone is free of sin and the only devil is the CC company or bank or whatever… Interesting! :thinking:

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Well, let me introduce you the “fabulous” Paypal buyer protection, where you can file a claim up to 180 days after purchase, and you can even say “The item/service was not as advertised” so you get your refund and Paypal do the CB, not the credit card company. The credit card CB are very rare, most of them just plain frauds. Please note that most frauds are stopped by PCI-DSS systems, so they are extremely rare. I NEVER got a credit card CB in my entire life as seller.

The problem is Paypal. This is a topic I discussed a lot with some peers and customers. Major eshops in Spain just threw Paypal down the drain because of this, and they don’t offer that payment method anymore.

Those “mistery” chargebacks are indeed something that needs clarification.


Paypal buyer protection, where you can file a claim up to 180 days before purchase

Surely that should be after purchase.


Haha yes lol, editing it. Too fast 2 furious. Thank you.


You should work and rather that going back! However, if you have any good source of income close it not an issue you know better but if not and only Fiverr is your source then you are taking wrong decision to close or go on vacation because life is all about struggle!

You should pause your gigs and just not login. I hope you’ve got multiple streams of income to keep the :sailboat: afloat. Maybe, somewhere down the line, you’ll have a change of :heart: or not.
I do empathize with you and it truly sucks when CBs happen.

From my observation, it seems as if 5r will make an effort to fight these charges if the amount is higher and in some cases shown below the amount was a lot less.

Here are good examples of them fighting a CB.
Returning the funds to the Sellers!

This user had $2925 on the line.


Hi Nika,

Thanks for the attached forum threads.

However, I apologize for the lack of clarity in my earlier messages :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I think I was talkin about something a little different :smiley:

In the message you were referring to, I was talking about the specific case vickiespencer had mentioned… where she was wondering if 5r would seek legal action against the seller (if the seller decides to quit 5r with a negative balance) even if, for no fault of theirs, they had a negative balance due to a CB they’d experienced.

And, I said, for the $400, it might not be worth the money for 5r to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the seller (cuz it might cost them more than $400 just for the court case).

However, if the money involved was more than 5K (for example), then I was wondering if it would then be worth it for Fiverr to sue such sellers (if at all seeking legal action against such sellers were even possible, which Vickie thinks might be possible).

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Hey, AJ!

LOLz, no worries. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read most of the comments here. :sweat_smile: I need more :coffee:. Nah, it’s too hot for coffee. A cold beverage drink is better. Like my :pineapple: juice. :tropical_drink:

Okie Dokie, thanks for clarifying. However, I highly doubt 5r would waste resources and energy to sue Sellers. Imagine the backlash? :astonished: A move like that would be PR hell nightmare! [knock on wood] I’ve never dealt with a CB since providing services on this platform.

I do understand :100:% why Sellers wouldn’t want to continue working on this platform. Especially, after being taken for a :oncoming_automobile: ride. It hurts stinks, the wasted :watch: time, effort, and sweat they’ve put into the project and not get PAID. My work outside of 5r… Funds are placed into ESCROW and it makes my life so much easier.