Should I contact buyer, when they give me Personal id?


Hello fiverr friends :slight_smile:

Kindly guide me in this matter

A buyers asked me for business help, and gave me Skype id, but on that time, didn’t place any order. When i want to contact him through Fiverr inbox the msg appears " may not be contacted at this time"

should i contact on their personal ?

is this against fiverr policy ?

or also as professional free-lancer should i do this ?


Their messaging was probably disabled because they sent you their personal contact information.


Yes, it is forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

That means that he’s not a buyer. He’s only a buyer if he actually buys something (that is, if he places an order).


Thank you so much for your reply. It’s really help me :slight_smile:


Hi. Just be careful with such “buyers”. Not only this is against Fiverr’s TOS but they are 99% trying to steal your work for free or send you viruses etc. The other 1% are those who were too lazy to read the Terms carefully. Luckily, you will not get such messages often, at least this is my experience.


Thanks. It was my first experience that any buyer gave me his personal detail. and it sounds weird but luckily i didn’t contact him.


The quick answer is: no. Never contact anyone outside Fiverr, that is against the rules.