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Should I contact old buyers?

I used to be an active seller about two years ago, but I took a pretty long break. Now I’m back and trying to get into things again. Would it be appropriate to contact my old regulars and inform them?

Also, I have a few gigs that have been paused for these two years that have views on them. Does that mean that someone has been checking in on them from a bookmark or favorites or something? Thanks!

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In relation to your first point, you’re not allowed to contact buyers directly. This counts as spam.

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Maybe you could mention in your profile that you have been away for 2 years.

I see. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I think you should apply to buyer requests so you can get more views/impressions - that might help in getting orders again.
Agreed with @lloydsolutions, you should mention that you’ve been away so anyone that’s wondering why you don’t have recent reviews could know about your situation.
About the gigs that have been paused and still have views - you might be right, someone might have accessed them from their favorites :slight_smile:

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you don’t need to inform anyone just Activate your gigs and be in touch with your new buyers and learn the new strategies and Fiverr TOS. So you get your place. :slight_smile:

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I wish I have order like other at least one, I spent most of my time in buyer request, but no order till now, please what can I do

Please don’t hijack old threads. Make your own thread or (even better) take a look at the countless threads that give tips on how to make sales.