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Should i contact Support to talk about this seller in my niche?

Hey guys, so there’s a very high rated seller in my niche who is in broad daylight in his gig in his description and everything advertising his own website where he does the same thing but cheaper and is appreciating his buyers to go and place their order there. and on top of it, he is on top of every keyword search result in our niche which is bonkers, I think the playing field should be equal for all sellers and no seller should be allowed to leverage their sales by taking potential clients off of Fiverr to his pocket directly

here are some screenshots I’m hiding the name of his service and username

My question is, should I go talk to Customer support about this or not? because i think this is totally wrong but fiverr just doesnt know about it yet

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his FAQ’s

I’m fairly certain it’s against the rules, yes. Nearly any outside link would be.

But I’m also concerned that people dedicate their valuable time and effort to snooping around other people’s gigs. Especially people they perceive to be “on top” of their category. I guess you can call it competition research if you want to be nice about it, but it’s a strange way to spend the time.


My suggestion, speaking as one who has been here a long time, is to just forget about it and ignore it.

i guess you should talk with the customer support. i am agreed with you, “playing field should be equal for all sellers”,
i am running my own software house, having a website but i have not redirected an of my client to that, its a different business and we should respect of Fiverr TOS.

@lenasemenkova yes the good words are “Competition Research” its not snooping others. i also spent time to explore other’s gigs and do search with differernt keywords

i have improved my own gigs by this way

Call me cynical but I see different kind of motivation behind “AHA! Look what this HIGH RATED person (what does it even mean) is doing!”. I’m not saying that the intentions are entirely bad or anything, but there is definitely something else outside of that righteous indignation.

I was commissioned to draw a sultry demon lady for Halloween and had to do some research on what bikini bottoms would be acceptable according to ToS (which was a hilarious way to spend the time, btw). Then I sketched the lady in her bottoms (the bust area was covered with hair) and sent it to CS to approve the look.

It never once occurred to me to compile the list of gigs with all the potentially “unacceptable” behinds I found in my research and send it to CS. And I had a right to be mad and even vindictive because I’ve spent literal hours to ensure my lady was hot but not offensively hot to some.


This is against the ToS, you should report it.

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It’s against ToS, so report it if you want to but don’t ask for absolution on the forum, that’s on you.


There is a lot of maliciousness that goes on toward successful sellers due to envy. And the chances of it even doing anything is 50/50. There are better things to do with your time.


exactly my thoughts.

Update on this

after alot of people telling me to report it to CS, i did, they said they’ll look into it
1 week past and the gig/seller is still there, looks like the so called Rules and ToS are only for low rated sellers and once you are making good $$ for Fiverr they let you make your own rules 🤷

Don’t pin it on “a lot of people” telling you to do things. You wanted to report the gig and you did. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I reported a few literal $5 clones of my gig and half of them remained active for months. CS doesn’t seem to be overly enthusiastic about removing gigs in general.


So you expected them to block his account? You are ruthless.
If he got a warning for that it is not enough for you? You never know what actions CS is taking behind the scenes and they definitely wouldn’t report that to you.


This was the entire point behind all of this. The immediate and total removal. I like how the more details we get, the more apparent it becomes that the integrity of the marketplace wasn’t the first concern (if it was a concern at all).


I’ve seen a gig with the seller’s email address listed lately and instructions to contact them there.

I’ve seen your replies on this thread, i chose to ignore you but guess i’ll have to address this

i could literately be a serial killer in real life, i don’t understand how you can use my intentions or something to invalidate a point which is actually true, why does it matter what i want? please comment on the point presented and if you can help or just don’t reply, i’ll DM you if i ever wanted to know how i am as a person and how i want to spend my time and you can tell me all about that there.

i mean, if i as doing this, i’d be banned by now, for sure. but i’ll be glad if they at least instruct her to remove the advertisement? which is still there

My thing is, I’ve seen a lot of posts like this. I find them interesting. People want to validate their actions in the eyes of the community instead of just reporting the violation (which would be faster and more productive). It seems a bit… performative to me, that’s it. Also, I agreed with you that it was a violation at the very beginning.

I wouldn’t want DMs from someone who immediately goes for a serial killer metaphor so I’ll just excuse myself here.