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Should I Contact the Buyer?

Hello! My first buyer promised to give me another work if the first one turns good. It did turn good, and he leave 5 star review and nice words for me. It is almost three days now after the order was completed, and I didn’t here anything from him. Should I contact him to remind him of his promise, or I should leave him to contact me by himself?


No, you should not contact him.

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There is no obligation for a buyer to reorder. 3 days doesn’t seem like a long time to wait. Have some patience, but don’t pester them, that will put them off wanting to return. It might also be classed as spam and against TOS.

Just because you don’t see a buyer for a while doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Perhaps they don’t have a client either.


No! Absolutely not. Three days is hardly any time at all.

You’re more likely to annoy the buyer than to make them think “I will give them an order just because they’ve reminded me”.

If they want to and if they are ready to, then they will place another order. But don’t try to force it.


please don’t. not at all. he doesn’t owe you a single thing. if you leave it then maybe you’ll have a repeat customer, every few months or so, maybe not, doesn’t really matter

i’m having a story written in parts, and am leaving more then a few days between parts. you do translations

so make like beeblebrox. relax and enjoy your shoes

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May be because I am new here that is why I see 3 days as long time. By the way, thank you all for your suggestions.