Should I Create a Generic Gig for Buyer Requests?


Hi there!

I’ve recently decided to go try to the next level working with Fiverr. Due to the Large number of Graphic Design services out there, i tried to think about a really specific nieche that I could offer my services too.
And that is to Churches and Non-Profits.

Currently, all my Gigs and personal info is directed towards making a connection with potenial buyers from these areas. However, browsing the buyer requests, I would alos like to be able to reach out and offer my services to others.

Should I create a more generic Logo design Gig (like the other million out there), and use that Gig to send offers to buyer requests?


  • Kieran Carlos

(PS, I’m loving this community!)


Why not. You have nothing to lose! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is why it won’t work:

There is a guy in one of my categories that tried to niche things out. His main spokesperson gig has tons of reviews, but he has added gigs for spokesman-for-your-mechanic-shop and spokesperson-for-your-veterinary-practice (I’m making these up, but you get the idea), and none of them rank all that well or have many reviews. Here is, I think, why: When a website designer comes on Fiverr looking for a spokesperson for his client who runs a mechanic shop, he is looking for a “spokesperson,” not a “spokesman for a mechanic shop.”

Here is why it WILL work:

If you search for “church flyer,” there are some gigs with HUNDREDS of reviews. I guess churches need a lot of flyers, and they want specialists who understand the category. “Church bulletin,” and “Church mailer” you could have to yourself, while “Church banner” and “church website” have few competitors (but very few sales).

Best of success to you. :slight_smile:


Interesting. Thanks for your reply.

So would you suggest creating Gigs around things like “Church bulletin,” and “Church mailer” because they are unpopular, and so I could have a better oppurtunity with them.

And you would NOT suggest creating a generic Logo Gig because It’s won’t be able to have momentum when it comes to Buys and reviews.