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Should I create a new Fiverr account and close my current account?


I had a good first month here at Fiverr but my delivery time suffered as I was new here I always waited for the client to approve the final design before delivering the final files. I also had to cancel my last order due to some technical reason I was unable to complete it and therefore I cancelled it to refund the buyer.

My order completion rating went down to 89% and my on-time delivery went to 75%. Should I close this account and create a new one as it has been just a month.


Do you plan to close your account and open a new one whenever there’s some trouble?

Your reviews look good, and completion and on-time delivery can in time get back to 100%.


Thanks catwriter. I guess I needed that one. I guess I was a bit disappointed. Lets hope for the best.


I will say no… Don’t do that. You can still do good in your current.